9 best legitimate work from home jobs – start earning money from home today

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The working landscape is changing. We no longer have one job for life that comfortably pays the bills, let’s us enjoy a nice house and save for a retirement filled with world cruises.

Childcare costs are high, commute times are long, and we feel like we work harder for less money and free time. It’s no wonder over half of us are unhappy at work.

So, we are turning to more enjoyable ways of working and for a lot of us, that means working for ourselves and working from home. Technology is making it easier. And it’s entirely possible to earn a full-time income from home, managing your own time.

I know several people (including me!) doing it and they love it.

There’s a ton of choice out there if you want to earn a living working from home.

To save you some time, here are my favourite, legitimate home working ideas to spark your thinking.

Start a blog

Starting a blog is a great way to earn some extra money and, in many cases, earn you a full-time income. Some people are earning a million a year from their blog. That’s crazy!

Starting a blog is affordable, you don’t need to buy or store any products and you can pretty much work from anywhere. A laptop and an internet connection are all you need.

It can also be a great creative outlet, sharing your passion with other people, or a helpful resource, teaching a skill you have to other people. You can write about whatever you want and there are people in the world who will read it.

You can make money from your blog in a few ways, such as promoting other business’s products, creating and selling your own products, either physical or digital ones, and through advertising.

Eventually, after some hard graft at the beginning, the income you earn from your blog can be passive income. Meaning you do something once, and you keep getting paid.

This is one of my fav working from home suggestions because it really has the potential to become a full-time income and, because you enjoy what you’re blogging about, it’s fulfilling.


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    Selling on Amazon

    The goliath that is Amazon. With such great size comes great opportunity. So why not take advantage of it?

    If you have an Amazon account (who doesn’t?!) you’ll have seen items that are available on Amazon Prime. Superfast delivery that customers pay for. These items are Fulfilled By Amazon – or FBA – which means Amazon holds these products themselves, in their warehouses, so they can use their network to ship them out quickly when they’re ordered.

    Who pays for Amazon Prime, and is guilty of only ordering items that are available on Prime because can be shipped quickly? Yep, that’s me. Those products sell more units than those that are not FBA products.

    You can set up an Amazon FBA business from home. Just decide what to sell, send the products to an Amazon warehouse, and let them ship it out when it’s been purchased.

    If you think starting an Amazon FBA business is for you, I recommend you have a read about Jessica Larrew who, after losing her job in 2008, set up her own Amazon FBA business from home. In less than a year her husband quit his job to work on the business too! They now run courses helping other people set up and make money from their FBA businesses.

    Teach English online

    If you want to earn extra money from home, set your own work schedule and make a difference to people lives, teaching English online through English First might be one for you.

    EF Education First was founded in 1965 and is a world leader in international education, with 580 schools and offices in over 120 cities across the world. They’ve been appointed six times as an Official Supplier and Sponsor to the Olympic Games, including Tokyo 2020.

    When you apply to teach English from home with EF, you will become a part of a global company – these guys are the real deal.

    You don’t need any teaching experience – all help is provided – you just need to have a degree to get started. You’ll need to complete your TEFL certificate if you don’t have already have one, have a computer and a reliable internet connection.

    It’s great for stay-at-home parents, part-time students and anyone that wants to earn money working from home whilst helping improves the lives of other people.

    sign attached to side of wall saying 'be your own boss'

    Become a Virtual Assistant

    With many people now setting up their own businesses and working from home, there is a lot more people that need some help! There’s been a huge growth in VA work in the last year or two and it’s set to grow further.

    Being a Virtual Assistant can cover a wide range of tasks including, social media management, booking appointments, managing email inboxes, bookkeeping, making phone calls, writing, managing websites. Pretty much any task that someone needs doing but they don’t need to do it themselves.

    Virtual Assistants all have different skillsets and you will need to build your business around the skills you are best at.

    To get started:

    • Research! Read a lot – make sure you understand all that working for yourself entails. A simple google will unearth so much information.
    • Decide on your brand – create a logo and professional website
    • Define your services – what will you offer and what will you charge?
    • Market yourself – use LinkedIn, Facebook Groups and networking events to get yourself known
    • The Legal Bit – make sure you’re insured and are set up to pay tax!

    Flipping stuff on eBay

    Did you know you can make a full-time income by buying things and reselling them for a profit on eBay? Sounds easy – because it is!

    Scour junk yards, charity shops, auctions or even eBay itself for things to buy, then list them on eBay for more than you bought them for.

    This does take a bit of research – you’ll need to know that what you bought can be sold for more money – but once you get started, you’ll know how to spot a bargain.

    Have a look at Melissa and Rob’s story for some inspiration and flipping success case studies.

    Become a freelance writer

    Books, websites, blogs, magazines. They all contain a lot of words and someone has to write them. And for many businesses, they choose to outsource that writing to freelancers who are better at it.

    So, if you can write well, you’ll be able to pick up some work as a freelance writer.

    This is something you can either do as a side hustle, or over time build it into a full-time income.

    To get started, create a website that tells people about you and showcases a small portfolio of your work. Make sure you have a contact page or a ‘hire me’ page so potential clients can get in touch.

    You can then market yourself, perhaps through networking, online forums or some advertising, or you can straight up email a bunch of magazines or websites and ask if they’re looking for new writers. Direct them to your website, and if they like the style of your writing they might offer you some work.

    Start an online store

    Whilst Amazon FBA and eBay are brilliant ways to earn money working from home, any customer that buys a product of yours is actually still a customer of Amazon or eBay.

    If you’re looking to build a lasting business that you have full control over, you will need to set up your own online store.

    Luckily this is really easy to do these days – with many of the ‘plug and play’ solutions such as Shopify, you can have your store up and running in a day.

    The bigger issue is deciding what to sell – do you make something to sell, buy products wholesale and sell them on, or dropship? Each choice has its pro’s and con’s and only you will know what is right for you.

    Shopify publish a Trending Products report every year which is a great place to spark some thinking – read the 2020 report here.

    Pet beds or mesh shoes anyone?

    Become a bookkeeper

    With technology getting smarter and more people setting up their own businesses, there’s never been an easier or better time to set yourself up as a bookkeeper.

    What does a bookkeeper do? The first thing to call out is that they are not accountants; you don’t need to be a qualified accountant to be a bookkeeper.

    As a bookkeeper you will find yourself doing tasks such as raising and sending out purchase orders and invoices, making sure supplier’s invoices are paid on time, tracking expenses, keeping an eye on daily transactions and generally overseeing the accounts of a business.

    With the growth of many online accounting packages such as Xero, most of the work is easily completed online.

    This article from Go Self-Employed explains all the ins and outs of bookkeeping and how to set yourself up as a freelance bookkeeper.

    Be a Facebook Advertising Manager

    With Facebook changing its algorithms and making news feed updates more frequently, it’s hard for small business to get heard in such a vast space.

    Anyone that runs a business knows that you have to promote it to get customers, either through the front door of a bricks and mortar establishment or to a website to make a purchase.

    But many business owners aren’t marketing experts and quite simply don’t have the time to manage social media accounts or create and target advertisements, to best drive business.

    That’s where you come in.

    Take that job off their hands, and you can earn a fee per campaign you manage.

    You’ll need to know your way around Facebook, Ads Manager and how segmentation and targeting works, in order to create effective campaigns that make your client’s money. Facebook offer a lot of training themselves, which is a great place to start, and there are a lot of free or paid for courses available online.


    If you need some quick money, Emma Drew has compiled a fab list of ways to get some free money, which she updated regularly. £50 for transferring your pension? Yes please!

    So there you go, my top 9 working from home jobs that you can try today. Let me know how you get on!

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    sign attached to side of wall saying 'be your own boss'


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