10 Profitable Blogging Niches For 2020

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Want to start a blog? Want to start a profitable blog? Great! We’ve collated 10 of the most profitable blogging niches for 2020.

Working from home or earning a side income is becoming more and more popular, and starting a profitable blog is one of my favourite ways to do it.

Other than a laptop and an internet connection, you’re good to go. No need to buy inventory or expensive equipment. And after a good period of hard graft, your blog income can be passive.

People usually start a blog for one of two reasons – for love, or for money. But I believe the recipe for real success is actually a combination of the two.

You need the love part to sustain your interest in your blog business. If you’re writing about the same topic 2-3 times a week, there’s no point choosing a topic you’re going to get bored writing about in 6 months’ time. Look to your passions and hobby’s.

And if you want to make money from your blog, you need to ensure your niche is a profitable one.

You can pretty much blog about anything, but the key is finding something that people will pay for – if you can make someone’s life easier, save them time or save them money, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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    Here are 10 profitable blogging niches for 2020.

    Many of these niches have sub-niches too. I recommend you target a sub-niche where possible, to avoid being too generalist and to ensure you’re positioned as an expert in your field.


    The Technology Blog helps people understand the latest launches and releases in technology. Technology changes at such a fast pace and it can be hard to keep up with. If you can blog about pieces of technology that saves someone time, introduces them to a simpler way of doing something or simply solves an everyday problem, you’ll be in demand.


    Taking care of our bodies and living a healthier life has never been more important than it is right now and, with the global healthcare market expected to be worth almost $12 trillion by 2022, it shows no sign of slowing. This is a vast niche though, so you’ll need to find your sub-niche: exercise, specialist diets and mental health are a few.


    We all have finances to deal with and let’s be honest, we’re not all that great at it. There are so many different ways we earn our money, manage our money and save our money. You can find a sub-niche quite easily in this field, from stocks and shares, currencies, frugality or retirement advice.

    Digital Marketing

    As advances in technology move us away from traditional marketing and into digital marketing, many businesses are realising that they can take control and grow their businesses quicker and more efficiently. If you can help empower them to do this – you’ll see the benefits. Sub-niches are aplenty, and include Social Media Marketing, SEO and Email Marketing.


    People are willing to spend money investing in themselves, to improve their outlook or to learn new skills. Personal development blogs help people move away from potentially harmful habits and enhance their lives, enabling them to become better versions of themselves.


    Home-moving is on the decrease and if we’re staying put, we’re improving our homes. This niche can cover anything from room styling, to building extensions, to landscape gardening.


    Fashion will always be big business, as people love to look good and will happily invest time and money to do so. You can keep your readers up to date with the latest trends, offer outfit suggestions or focus on cosmetics, beauty or shoes.


    5:2, Keto, Vegan, Raw food, Paleo.  There are plenty of diets to choose from and your readers might need help understanding which one will work for them. You can provide shopping lists, recipes and advice to make sticking to the diet easier.


    Mom and parenting blogs are incredibly popular. We all want to do the best by our kids but it’s a rollercoaster of a ride. There are so many topics you can write about here, from supporting new mums with reassurance, to helping working mums overcome mum guilt to dealing with those difficult teenage years.


    We love our pets, sometimes more than our other halves! And we’re happy to show that love by spending a lot of money on them. From special diets, pet health and training to toys, clothing and accessories, its big business.

    So there you go – 10 of the most profitable blogging niches of 2020. I hope that sparks some thinking. If you create a blog in any of these niches, let me know!


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